Dr. Walker Jamey Kirkpatrick endeavors to treat the cause of disease by individualizing treatment.  

Dr. Kirkpatrick has 9 years of clinical experience in general family practice.

Diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disorders are a major component of practice.

Besides the classic western medicine workflow (e.g. history, physical exam, differential diagnosis, blood work, and imaging), we also find time to discuss the lifestyle factors that support human health and wellness.  These are individualized to each patients needs, but may include:

1.  Plant based food choices rich in flavonoids and antioxidants

2.  Stress management techniques

3.  Finding opportunities for appropriate physical exercise

4.  Mood benefits of social interconnectedness

5.  Implementing changes to address the emotional barriers to healthy eating

6.  Effective sleep hygiene

7.  Benefits of minimizing alcohol intake as much as possible

8.  Benefits of eliminating all tobacco

9.  Eliminating overly processed foods from dietary patterning

10.  Creating the conditions necessary for environmental health and wellness

11.  Cognitive support to enable behavioral and dietary changes

12.  Protocols to support the immune system

13.  Benefits of self care for practitioners

14.  Blood chemistry analysis from a diagnostic and nutritional perspective [one of the most popular services]

15.  Genomic reports using SNP data curated through Opus23

16.  Botanical medicine fine-tuned to blood type and condition

17.  Importance of dietary sources of omega-3 essential fatty acids

18.  Food sensitivity testing and blood type dietary modifications

19.  Mold related illness and lab based verification of exposures to mold, and mitigation protocols

20.  Importance of reducing exposure to synthetic chemicals in household scented products

21.  Probiotics and microbiome balancing based on PCR (based on Thryve panel currently)

22.  Comprehensive thyroid protocols addressing Hashimoto's thyroiditis as well as thyroid carcinomas

23.  Appropriate bio-identical hormone prescriptions based on individual detoxification pathways

24.  Pros and cons of medical imaging in cancer screening workflows

25.  Probiotics support of the gastrointestinal flora

26.  Hydrotherapy in health and wellness and appropriate sauna use

27.  Proper hydration and kidney support

28.  Longevity protocols (basically cognitive, kidney and cardiovascular support fine-tuned to the individual)

29.  Benefits of a vegan plant based diet (with blood type customization - yes, lectins are actually biologically active.)