New patient information:

Identity verification (e.g. gov. issued ID) is required at the beginning of new patient visits in order to confirm your identity.

(Usually a photo of the ID emailed to the clinic email is sufficient.)

You will need to be able to receive the clinic Welcome email which contains two PDF attachments for you to sign and return.  

Only proceed with scheduling if you are confident that you can sign a PDF and return it as an email attachment.

Important information for all patients:

1.  Bio-identical prescriptions require monthly invoicing ($30/month/indicated Rx).


2.  Maintaining a prescription requires timely lab testing (every 6 months minimum).

3.  Bio-identical estrogen or testosterone prescriptions are more affordable through other practitioners.  Dr. Kirkpatrick reviews three key components before considering a bio-identical hormone prescription option.  These three requirements include:  genomic testing (e.g. 23andMe), an Opus-23 report (an additional and moderately expensive process), and lab results within the last 30 days (which your insurance many not pay for due to the fact I am a licensed naturopathic physician).

4.  Between-visit lab requests / blood chemistry analysis are an add-on service ($50/BCA).

5.  Patients are financially responsible for medical service at the time of the office visit; all patients receive a service summary to submit to their insurance for reimbursement.

6.  Dr. Kirkpatrick is credentialed with Medi-Cal (also known as CenCal Health) to order lab work and imaging.

7.  Dr. Kirkpatrick is NOT enrolled in MediCare (PECOS) and cannot order labs or imaging through the MediCare system.

8.  It is unlikely that your insurance company will cover the entire expense of the medically required laboratory and imaging work-up.  


9.  Dr. Kirkpatrick is not currently credentialed with any insurance agency.