Dr. Walker Jamey Kirkpatrick, N.D.

Naturopathic Doctor

Serving Oregon

Endeavor to treat the cause of disease.


Clinic Updates:​

Current maximum of up to:  One  - new patient per Saturday.

Visits are currently only via video consult.

Dr. Kirkpatrick plans to re-open a physical office location in the Portland, Oregon metro area - after personal completion of the next-generation mRNA vaccination protocols for C-19

 - and -

Office modifications are reviewed to comply with all Oregon State health directives for family practice medical offices.

Please read the information page before scheduling.


Dr. Walker Jamey Kirkpatrick

Naturopathic Physician [N.D.] (OR)

Naturopathic Medical Doctor [N.M.D.] (CA)

NPI:  1699050351

Email:  Drwjkirkpatrick@gmail.com

Phone: (805) 305-4588